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Complete Solar Course from Basics to Advance at just ₹2,500 ₹499/-

(Updated 2020)

Why to Buy this Now?

What do I get in this course?

solar installation course
Solar Technology
solar training course
Solar Instrumentation
solar course
Installation & Mounting
solar panel installation training
Solar Maintenance
solar energy courses in delhi
Solar Load Calculations
solar panel installation training
PV System Code Compliance

How is it helpful in my career?

Basic to Advance

No matter what you know, this course teaches you from basic terms to advance level.

Planning Installation Maintenance

With this course you learn each and every aspect of Solar.

Self Sufficient

Want to save your electricity bill?
Install your own solar panel at home using knowledge of this course

Global Opportunity

With global rise in demand of solar energy, opportunities are endless in terms of jobs.

What other students have to say..

Best course on Solar Design. Very good.
Fight Academy
Aarti Mukherjee
Got offers after completing the course. Thank you
Handsome young indian student man holding notebooks while standing on the street
Vikas Kumar
Really good and amazing way of teaching.
Indian student man holding a pile of books sitting near fountain on the street
Rahul Bhagat
All in one package. Very Nice
electrical design engineer

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You may ask..

Is Basics Covered?
YES 100%
Are Diagrams Included?
YES 100%
My English is poor, will I still be able to Understand?
YES 100%
What is the format of the course?
Pdf 100%
Will I get complete understanding of Solar after this?
Yes! Its from beginner to advanced.
What will be the mode of course?
Pdf (16+)
Will the offer be available for next time?

When will I get the course?

You will get access to all your books and bonuses within 30min of payment

What you'll get in this course

How this course is different than courses?

Detailed Explanation

Each topic is explained thoroughly, to make your basics strong.

Interview/Exams Oriented

Topics are arranged in alignment with your exams and interview process to eliminate any confusion.

Easy Language

Each book is an easy read, to make sure you get the core concepts.

Practical Examples

Not just boring theories, this course gives you practical examples as well.


These books are FIghtAcademy's Exclusive, meaning you won't find these books at any store or online site.


Electrical books

4 Electrical eBooks

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