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Have you ever thought why some students get High Paying jobs while others just have to survive or be unemployed?

Is it fault of students?
Is it fault of teachers?
Is it fault of your parents?

To Understand this, take a look at this girl...

Lacs & Lacs of Rupees spent, but unable to get a decent job is the reality of today.

What can I do?

Let's learn from what we just saw

No Industrial Knowledge

Theories everywhere, but where is the actual practical knowledge? All students are just made to mug up the formulas.. which are of no use.
Ask yourself how many formulas do you use on daily basis today?

Even teachers do not know it

Neither your teacher nor your parents have an idea of what your career will be, even after you get your degree, because even they don't know the current Industry trends and standards.

Outdated Books

How many formulas do you use today which you have learnt in your schooldays?
I suppose almost none.

No Career Guidance

Who do ask for advice really really matters!
One good advice can make or break your career.
The problem is, people who are actually successful, are too busy to come and teach you.

Ok, But What do I do?

With all these in mind, and for the first and limited time, I will be giving access to few people, a copy of my Practical Electrical Designing (PDF & Video Lessons)

Electrical books

What do you get in this?

What do I basically get in Electrical Designing?

Why buy this NOW?

How this course is different than other courses?

Detailed Explaination

Each topic is explained thoroughly, to make your basics strong.

Interview/Exams Oriented

Topics are arranged in alignment with your exams and interview process to eliminate any confusion.

Easy Language

Each book is an easy read, to make sure you get the core concepts.


These contents are Academic Fight's Exclusive, meaning you won't find these books at any store or online site.

24/7 Support

If any problem comes even long after purchase, just hit a WhatsApp text and we will be there to answer all your questions.


Electrical engineering books


Best Electronics Books


Electrical engineering books


Is it Expensive?

For the value provided, its priceless!
But for a Limited time and for Limited people, this book is on Discount


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Electrical Engineering Books

The youth of India is dealing with a high unemployment rate, resulting in frustration and anxiety. There is an opportunity to secure your career and earn a handsome income. Get electrical engineering books to learn the basics of electrical engineering and designing.  These skills and knowledge can help you to get a job.

As we all know that the electrical appliances and gadgets manufacturing industry is on a boom. Electronic appliances and robots are replacing human manpower. If you are an engineering student you should not miss this golden opportunity.

At Academic Fight,  we have the best electrical books with the updated syllabus that can help you clear the exams as well as the interview. Along with electrical engineering books, you’ll also get career guidance. It is equally important to shape your career in the right way. All the electrical books are available at the lowest prices with lifetime access.

The syllabus is arranged in such a manner that can help in your exams. A high paying job and a secure career are only a click away from you. Making efforts in the right direction can help you achieve all your dreams in life. Contact Academic Fight for more information and visit our website to explore more courses.