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What is this course all about?

If you are an electrical engineer or even someone who is studying electrical engineering or diploma right now, you are well familiar with the conditions of jobs today.

Too few jobs, too many candidates. HIGH COMPETITION.

The basic problem lies not in you or your college, but in the syllabus of the long four years of engineering. Let me explain. If I ask you to make a call, what will you do? You’ll just take your phone out and start dialing. You won’t go around looking for a PCO/STD. Why? Because it’s an era of smartphones! Similarly, when you go for an interview, the interviewer is looking for someone who knows the current, trending & practical concepts, not someone who knows what does microprocessor8086 does.

You get it, right?

This electrical designing course is so designed, to provide you complete knowledge of the daily use of electrical engineering concepts with easy examples to remember and each lesson starting right from the basics.


Is this course for me?

To be honest this course is only for the people who wants to stay ahead.
People who are serious about their career and want bright future.

Don’t worry if you are not good in basics, we’ll asssume you are a complete beginner and cover basics too. 



As I explained earlier, this course focuses on the practical concepts which everyday engineers use.

After completing the course, you’ll be well familiarized with the basic concepts of engineering, but most importantly, your knowledge will be almost equivalent to a year or two experienced engineers.

You’ll not just be a fresher who knows hardly anything, but someone who is aware adapted and has answers to questions.

Isn’t that what companies are looking for?

electrical engineering job

Will I get a job after this course?

The chances are pretty high. Don’t worry if you don’t come from a rich family or a family of high resource, these aren’t the things good and reputed companies are looking for.

What they want is someone who is great at basic concepts, which we will be focusing on.

electrical designing basic

I am not good at basics, Is this for me?

YES! This electrical engineering course is designed to teach you from the basic concepts to the advanced.

Don’t worry if you weren’t good in classes, we will cover all the basic concepts right from the beginning.


What about the certificate?

You need confidence more than you need a certificate.

But, I  understand how the world works, you’ll be provided with a course completion certificate. Cheers!

electrical designing price

What is the price of the course?

To be honest, The price of the course is supposed to more than Rs 20,000/- But we, at FightAcademy do not want anyone curious to learn to be left out because of the financial reasons. So we kept the prices as low as Rs 4,999/-

Its just a fraction of what you pay for college, isn’t it?

But here’s a catch, this course is open for just 9 students. That’s Right, JUST 9! Why? Because we want those 9 to get the best of the best, and get our complete attention. So HURRY before the spots are filled out.

electrical designing idea

How can I start?

You can start right now. You get lifetime access to the course. Complete the course with your speed and ease.


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  • 10 Free ebook
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In depth Lessons

Each lesson is so built, that any student, with poor in basics can understand the concepts quickly.



Simple and Easy Quiz to understand and apply the concept really fast.


Downloadable Content

Study anywhere and anytime without Internet connections with notes for each class.

App Development


Conceptual Questions to get you the core and practical concept really fast.


Access to private community

After you take the course, you get an access to our private community to keep learning and keep growing.


Easy to use interface

Just login and Start your course. It's that simple.

What our students have to say-

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
Pragya Kumari
Electrical Engineer
"Worth the price"
Akash Jain
Electrical Diploma
"My english poor. Hindi lecture me easy understanding."
Rahul kumar
Electrical Diploma
"So much knowledge in one place"
Asha Jha
B.E. Electrical

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