Electrical Designing

Electrical Designing

Types of Electricity & Power

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Static- no e movement, voltage is present

Dynamic- voltage as well as flow of electrons


  • Ac
  • Dc


Ac (alternating current) – flow of ein both the direction

Dc (Direct current) – flow of ein one direction

e.g. – positive to –ve

Power Factor – Ratio of real power & apparent power

cosΦ= real power/apparent power

Types of Power

Real Power- It is the actual power/load use by an equipment or generated for equipment

Units- Watts

Apparent power- The power acquired after the losses in real power

Units- volt-ampere (VA)

Reactive Power- The power required to overcome the losses in real or supplied to real power to reduce the loss

Units- volt-ampere (VAR)

Power Triangle

Real power (w)

Reactive power(Var)                        Apparent power(VA)



cosΦ= W(real power)/ VA(app power)

sinΦ= VAR(reactive p.)/VA(app power)

Power factor plays a vital role in transmission and distribution of electricity. More is pf more efficient is the electricity.

Best pf is unity.

In India, pf is maintained b/w 0.8 and 0.85

Gulf cosΦ=0.9

USA cosΦ=1 (unity)

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