Electrical Designing

Electrical Designing

Introduction- Basics Definitions, Types of Electricity, Power, Power Factor


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Electricity- Flow of negatively charged particle- Electron


Protons. Electrons. Neutrons.

Current- Flow of electrons in a conductor

Unit-Amperes (A)

Voltage- Potential Difference between ends of conductor or rate of flow of electrons

-Force required to push electron to flow in a conductor

Unit-Volt (V)

Power- Product of voltage and current

P= V.I

Units- Watt (W)

Single Phase P=V.I P=V.IcosΦ
3 phase √3 V.I P=√3 V.IcosΦ

cosΦ= power factor

Ohms Law- V∝I


R-Proportionality Constant (resistance)

Conductor- In conductor e will be moving freely which conducts electric current

e.g- All metals

Best conductor- gold and silver

Normally used for electric purpose- Cu, Al, Fe

Semi-Conductor- which conducts electricity partially

e.g- p-n junction diode, Si, Ge

Dielectric Insulator- poor conductors of electricity

e.g- wood, plastic

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