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Electrical books
4 Electrical ebooks covering Basics at just ₹49/- (PDF)


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Is Basics Covered?
YES 100%
Are Diagrams Included?
YES 100%
My English is poor, will I still be able to Understand?
YES 100%
How many Books will I get?
7 Basics Electrical Books
When will I get the Books?
Within 24hrs
Will the offer be available for next time?

How these books are different than my college books?

1 Book costs you less than ₹15

Compared to your college books, each books costs you less than ₹15, saving you a ton of money.

Detailed Explanation

Each topic is explained thoroughly, to make your basics strong.

Interview/Exams Oriented

Topics are arranged in alignment with your exams and interview process to eliminate any confusion.

Easy Language

Each book is an easy read, to make sure you get the core concepts.

Practical Examples

Not just boring theories, these books give you practical examples as well.


For the first time, and for limited time only, you get an exclusive access to Electrical quiz and 3 absolutely free lessons on Electrical Designing, all with these books!

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